USLA HALL OF FAME (2017/2018)

Winners: 2018 USLA

1. Edward Kipkalya – University of E.A Baraton Students Council

2. Joseph Kisungu -University of E.A Baraton Students Council

3. Lilian Muli -Director for Gender and Health Affairs, Laikipia University Students Council

4. Brightstar Kasyoka -Finance Secretary Maseno University Students Council

5. Martin Owillah – Student President ,Mount Kenya University Students Council Below are Their Stories-:

USLA Top 3 Nominees Bio

LILIAN MULI – University: Laikipia University


Lilian Muli is a former Director for Gender and Health Affairs. She is a hardworking, smart, friendly, and very social with a lot of charisma. She is passionate for change, goal oriented and an inspirational leader who would love to see a friendly environment full of empowerment opportunities and transformation for all, she has a good relationship with the administration as well with her fellow students. Lilian is never biased, serves all regardless and a good orator with a stunning sense of fashion and style. During her time in the University she created modeling events which helped champion for peace and morality in the society. She steered a peace caravan that used to match within the university with positive messages of peace and cohesion, and many students loved the initiative. She also heads a program called Hidden Tears that is aimed at educating the masses on Early Pregnancy, Chastity, Rape, Drug Abuse and Parenthood in the university. Hidden Tears speaks and finds those crying in the dark, holds their hand to the light showing them hope and a great future ahead. All these she achieved through many platforms including the modeling events she helps organize, social media where she runs a Facebook page and a YouTube channel that help pass information and a platform for interaction with a majority of her students and society at large. Her passion for a better society has enabled her speak to many victims of abuse who have shared their stories of pain and transformation and also she’s been able to talk concretely on topics of societal importance which are deemed inspiring and very motivating.

Facebook Page: Hidden TEARS

YouTube Channel: Hidden Tears Kenya

What she will be remembered for:

Her leadership style

Her charisma

Her passion for her belief

BRIGHTSTAR KASYOKI – Maseno University


Brightstar is the finance secretary, Maseno University. She is a passionate lady, confident and a reliable leader. Her leadership position in the university has been impactful to the surrounding community, her passion for reaching out to children led her to consistently organize children- home visits. Due to her active participation in student activities she stood out as a reliable and easily approachable leader by the students. Her friendly nature and humility has also made it easy for the administration and students to support her in her project. High level of integrity was upheld during her leadership position than the previous leaders especially while handling finances relating to the students. Her quest to be a leader has been shown where she was nominated to participate in national youth leadership debates in relation to the country politics broadcasted on National Tv. This is in line with her vision to vie for an elective post in the near future. She has actively participated in the sober Friday demonstration activity in the school to reduce drug abuse by the students and this has helped drug addicts to come out of it. Besides, she is also a committee member for organizing ‘Coffee Connect ‘where students share ideas and discuss issues affecting them. CHALLENGES She has not come out to accept herself being physically challenged and tries to shy away from addressing it thus hard to lead from inside out. She’s not yet confident in her ability to do new projects on her own and awaits approval from other students or leaders to do something.

MARTIN OWILAH – Former Student President for the Mount Kenya University Student Government (Thika)

Martin Owila is the former Student President for the Mount Kenya University Student Government (Thika). He is organized, passionate, strong-willed, friendly and humble. He was an impactful leader whose presence was felt by the students he led. He was also good at time management as he had so much on his plate (leadership, was part of the Kenya Rugby team in 2017for several circuits and was also a student. His dean recollects how he never missed a single class despite having so much to do; the dean further went on to describe him as the best student president the school has ever had. He initiated partnerships for MKU: brought in BLAZE, Kenya Rugby Union and GT Bank. He was also instrumental in the implementation of new sections of an overhauled constitution and was critical in setting up a mentorship program for students (MENTOR ME). During his term, he faced the following challenges: tribal politics trickling down from the national political arena affected his administration; the lack of integrity for some members of his student council meant his progress was sometimes slow when it came to delivering on his promises he made while campaigning; he was quite ambitious and amassed support while campaigning by making big promises some of which he was unable to accomplish in full