Fellows 2016/2017

Winners: 2017 USLA

  • Brian Oyaro – President, Daystar University Students Association
  • Wycliffe Guguni – President, Strathmore University Student Council
  • Joshua Makewa – Academic Affairs Secretary, Maasai Mara Student Council
  • Winfred Buya – Organizing Secretary, Maseno University Student Council
  • Majok Makur – Academic Representative, Mt. Kenya University Students Council

Below are Their Stories-:

USLA Top 5 Nominees Bio 


Majok Makur is the former Academic Representative for the Mount Kenya University Student Government. He is a passionate, outspoken and strong-willed individual popularly referred to by many as a board room warrior. He is Sudanese by descent. During his term he engaged foreign students and made them feel at home. He had flags from different countries in his office embodying his spirit of integration, something he carried on during his whole term in office. During his term, a student fee waiver program was implemented for outstanding and needy students; also a loan scheme almost similar to the model used by HELB was implemented at the institution. He also wrote a book during his tenure that is soon to be published. Currently he is the Chair of Pan Africanist Group at the Africa Model United Nations and won the best diplomat award.



Joshua was academic secretary at his university. He is a very consistent leader who began as the head of peer counselling in his institution. While at this he built great relationships with the students. During his tenure as a student leader, a number of student leaders were suspended hence stretching his roles but this did not hold him back.

He collaborated with the local banks in the region and secured internships for students. He organized a books drive and successfully managed to get more books in the library. Most students remember him for passionately advocating for integrity during exams to curb cheating in the institution. The administration describes him as a man of zeal who would initiate projects and ensure its implementation successfully. Additionally, he was a sportsperson in the university sports team.

His main project was the sister to sister campaign that geared to behavioral change for ladies to curb unplanned pregnancies, drug and substance abuse and university drop-out cases.



Buya was the former organizing secretary at Maseno University. She has been a role model to the university. She is cheerful lady with great relations with the university fraternity.

Her main project was empower her, empowering girls and women to be agents of social and economic change.  She started the coffee hour where this young women meet every week for counseling. Her active advocacy led her to winning zuri awards (youngest winner) and she has continued to offer mentorship to young ladies who look up to her through ladies connect.

She also managed to link the university with corporate and formulated the cultural week which didn’t happen due to the university strike but the current regime is working to implement it.



Brian Oyaro is the former President of the Daystar University Student Association (DUSA) who served for two consecutive terms. He is a hardworking, committed, outspoken, decent, well-dressed and thoughtful individual. During his term, a new caterer was brought in to the university dining hall after numerous student complaints. His leadership was impactful in the university’s decision to revamp the university gym. He introduced Coca Cola Canteens (Bethel Canteens) in collaboration with Coca Cola.

His major campaign that he has actively engaged in is ‘Vijana Tusijiwaste’ campaign that counseled students and members of staff on drugs, use, abuse and their effects finally culminating in a health week that is said to have been pretty impactful. He has a YouTube channel and a signature journal where he highlights on leadership



Guguni Wycliffe Nyabade is a former president of Strathmore University students’ council and soon to graduate with a degree honors in Business Administration.

He is a vocal, ambitious, courageous, proactive leader who never gives up on a course, a supportive, open minded, passionate and always a friendly person to everyone. The greatest hurdle he had to face during his leadership was the failed drill. He negotiatiated with the university over compensation packs for the affected students. A process that was presented with a lot of challenges although ended peacefully.  He also helped the needy students within the university to get scholarships, organized forums such as the United Nation Summit, One Heart Beat project as a way of empowering the students with leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

Guguni is the founder of Africa Youth Network Empowerment and Transformation which is a nonprofit network for young people in pursuit of sustainable development goals through moral leadership and spreading the influence to their communities.