Fellows 2016/2017

Winners: 2017 USLA Brian Oyaro – President, Daystar University Students AssociationWycliffe Guguni – President, Strathmore University Student CouncilJoshua Makewa – Academic Affairs Secretary, Maasai Mara Student CouncilWinfred Buya – Organizing Secretary, Maseno University Student CouncilMajok Makur – Academic Representative, Mt. Kenya University Students CouncilBelow are Their Stories-:USLA Top 5 Nominees Bio MAJOK MAKUR, MOUNT KENYA UNIVERSITYMajok Makur is the former Academic Representative for the Mount Kenya University Student Government. He is a passionate, outspoken and strong-willed individual popularly referred to by many as a board room warrior. He is Sudanese by descent. During his term he engaged foreign students and made them feel at home. He had flags from different countries in his office embodying his spirit of integration, something he carried on during his whole term in office. During his term, a student fee waiver program was implemented for outstanding and needy s...

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