USLA HALL OF FAME (2017/2018)

Winners: 2018 USLA 1. Edward Kipkalya – University of E.A Baraton Students Council 2. Joseph Kisungu -University of E.A Baraton Students Council 3. Lilian Muli -Director for Gender and Health Affairs, Laikipia University Students Council 4. Brightstar Kasyoka -Finance Secretary Maseno University Students Council 5. Martin Owillah – Student President ,Mount Kenya University Students Council Below are Their Stories-: USLA Top 3 Nominees Bio LILIAN MULI – University: Laikipia University Position: DIRECTOR FOR GENDER AND HEALTH AFFAIRs Lilian Muli is a former Director for Gender and Health Affairs. She is a hardworking, smart, friendly, and very social with a lot of charisma. She is passionate for change, goal oriented and an inspirational leader who would love to see a friendly environment full of empowerment opportunities and transformation for all, she has a good relationship with the administration as well with her fellow stude...

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